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decision 2012 winds down. as president obama and mitt romney make their final campaign appearances before tomorrow's prersidential election. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's judy wang joins us live from mccormick place, where president obama will be spending election night. judy? >> play certainly not taking it easy. many of the foot soldiers
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received no guarantees that they will get in. what a difference from four years ago when 240,000 people filled grant park. thousands more poured into downtown streets to be part of the historic moment. mostly a private affair. many supporters will likely attend smaller events. cnn is working with the state to try to put up a jumble television screen.
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>> we know america has always done best. we thank you. we ask you to stay at a all the way to victory. he'll spend the election night in boston. if early voting is any indication turnout for tomorrow's election in the chicago area should be strong. w-g-n's tonya fransisco spent some time at the cook county board of elections and has a look. illinois is not a swing state. illinois voters are fired up nonetheless. 20 percent of
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voters have already voted early. people >> came out of the woodworks. the same cannot be said for voters in chicago know early votedr records >> a bigger concentration of voters. chicago board of elections chairman said there were other reasons for the long lines. >> because of certain budget restrictions we did not have the locations we wanted. not excuse. we will make adjustments to our early voting sites. now that we are seeing more voters choosing early voters. only in rare
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occasions if the voters on the inactive list to make a person be asked for identification. polls open at 6 am and close at 7pm. here's a look at the projected electoral votes from real clear politics dot com.
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president obama would have 201 votes compared to 191 for romney. 146 electoral votes are still considered toss-ups in eleven states. 270 votes are needed to win the election. joining us now wgn political analyst, and host of cltv's politics tonight. paul lisnek.good afternoon. >> neither side should be comfortable looking at those numbers. >> you're going to be here very late tomorrow night. at home when we are looking at that map on fold, what should be the focusing on? >> it is not the 50 states they're picking the president. it is really only about nine states that matter. if you add all of those people out, the population the size of france will pick our president because
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that is all that is going to matter. >> for present and obama, his goal would be to pick up ohio. if the president picks up ohio he needs wisconsin and iowa and he is done. from rummies gold before virginia and ohio. that does not give it to him. he would still need to win iowa or new hampshire.
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>> pennsylvania fascinates me because if you look back in time every republican can it it always goes to pennsylvania a couple of days before the election but they never get it. at this point in the game is sending out a message. pennsylvania is in play. romney is there to show it. there is no early voting there. in the end >> one thing we have not talked about much is the effect that libertarian and it could have on the electoral vote. >> i have had him on my politics tonight show a few times. the former governor of new mexico.
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gary johnson is a former governor. he has credentials. he views himself as more socially liberal will then obama. he pulls for both. >>we know what nader did to gore. >> the lack of energy on behalf of obama supporters. it seems quite different. will that make a difference? >> methere's a lot more energy in the romney rallies. obama is
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drawing big crowds. obama has an incredible round effort. it cannot count either of them out. coven ronnie the best thing he has going for him, republicans feel like he could win. paul lisnek, thanks so much for joining us. make wgn t-v your home for election coverage. you can follow all of our stories online at wgn t-v dot- com slash- decision 20-12, or on twitter with hashtag wgn 20-12. coming up next. the tragedy at a zoo in pittsburgh, after a young boy falls into an exhibit. also ahead, just as victims of hurricane sandy try to pick up the pieces, another storm is
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expected to bring even more problems to the east coast.
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the death toll is rising and
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will continue to rise one week after hurricane sandy slammed the east coast. right now, authorities say at least 110 people were killed in the u.s. at least 67 people were killed in the caribbean two reported dead in canada. property damage is not yet estimated but insurance companies say they have the means to honor the claims that will be filed. the white house said more than $137 million dollars in direct assistance has already been approved for those in need. some east coast residents are still digging themselves and their neighbors out of floods and destroyed homes. the numbers vary but reports say anywhere from one million to more than two million homes and businesses are still without power. in new jersey alot of confusion and frustration as residents deal with rationing auto fuel. in new york, power outages have shut down some election booths and officials may ask for an extra day of voting to make sure everyone who wants to cast a ballot in tomorrow's presidential election gets that opportunity. yesterday's new york city
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marathon was cancelled and many runners headed to staten island and other flood areas to help with clean up efforts. a young boy was killed after he fell into an exhibit at the pittsburgh zoo. the boy fell after his mother put him on top of a railing to get a better look at a pack of african painted dogs. he fell 14 feet to the ground, and the pack of dogs pounced and mauled him. zookeepers got most of the dogs out but one dog had to be shot and killed. officials say they don't know yet if the boy died from the fall, or from the attack. african painted dogs are an endangered species. each is the size of a medium sized dog. reputed mob boss james "whitey" bulger is hospitalized after complaining of chest pains. bulger was taken to boston medical center yesterday from the prison where he's awaiting trial for 19-counts of murder. his condition is not known. last week his attorney asked that bulger's trial be pushed back to allow more time to prepare his case. the judge is expected to rule on that request this week. bulger escaped from prison and was a fugitive for 16 years. until authorities caught up with him last year in california. while a man used his cellphone to record a passing train to show his four-year old son. he also caught an amazing crash. the train slammed into a utility truck in wellington, utah last friday. police say the driver was crossing the tracks and didn't see the train coming. the truck was hit near its back wheels and spun around. it was like a scene of a movie.
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there were actually two men in the truck and both were not hurt. >> relations between the pilots and the company has been tense since they began imposing new work rules that it says they need to stay competitive. i have dealt with delayed flights and cancellations. the pilots have denied those accusations. "the million muppet march" was held in washington d-c over the weekend. about 18-hundred people rallied on the capitol mall in support
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of funding for public broadcasting. it was a response to mitt romney's proposal to reduce funding for p-b-s and programs like sesame street. the corporation for public broadcasting's budget for this year is about 4-hundred- 45 million dollars. >>just ahead what analysts are predicting about the u.s. economy for the next four years, regardless of who wins the presidential election. and, still to come this midday. why gas prices are taking a big plunge. and later in lunchbreak: a cajun tw [ "i'm only human" plays ] humans -- sometimes life trips us up. and sometimes, we trip ourselves up but that's okay. at liberty mutual insurance we can
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of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong all day long sinus and headache relief. swift action to prevent the $607 billion in tax increases that will hit in january unless lawmakers act. the two candidates say the economy will suffer if the other is elected tomorrow. economists say they're
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both wrong. the economy is on track for a pickup over the next four years no matter who wins tomorrow. consumers will be spending more. banks increased their lending. if they do warn that both presidents need to tackle the tough issue of reducing the 1.1 trillion dollar federal budget deficit. here in new york and many are still facing the aftermath of hurricane sandy. gas prices continuing to fall locally and nationally. aaa says in metro
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chicago you're paying an average of $3.61 a gallon. taking a look at the markets. they are a little bit lower. live at the new york stock exchange coming up later how new technology is changing the future of pacemakers, their size and how they work. but first, the search for a mother in the southwest suburbs. she's been missing for two weeks and last seen running from her boyfriend's home. also ahead, the new system to make it easier for drivers to challenge tollway violations and fines.
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>>a man from deerfield who confessed to beating his girlfriend's mother to death has been found guiltly of murder but mentally ill. the judge handed down the verdict against daniel baker in a bench trial today. baker's lawyers never disputed he beat marina aksman to death in 20-10. however, they argued he was insane at the time. they claim he snapped after aksman said he could no longer see her daughter. today's verdict means baker will still be sentenced to a long prison term but he will receive mental health treatment in prison. family and friends are stepping up the search for a mother from joliet missing for two weeks. linda barr fellenbaum
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disappeared sunday, october 21- st. she was last seen running from her boyfriend's home, barefoot. family and friends spent yesterday looking for clues at the nearby mistwood golf course in romeoville. fellenbaum has three young children. she also left behind her car and cell phone. fellenbaum's family says she moved in with her boyfriend about two months ago. anyone with information is asked to call the joliet police department. closing arguments are expected tomorrow in the anthony abbate civil trial. the trial resumed this morning after the jury heard conflicting reports from chicago police officials regarding how they responded to the videotaped beating of a bartender by the off duty officer. abbate was drunk when he beat up karolina obrycka in 2007. it was all caught on surveillance video.
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deputy superintendent deb kirby said it was the department's intention to pursue felony charges but a police sergeant said they discussed simple misdemeanor battery charges. a man was arrested at o-hare airport after a loaded gun was found inside his carry-on luggage. dean beekerof kansas was passing through a security checkpoint on saturday when t-s-a agents spotted the gun in his bag through an x-ray machine. agents searched the bag, and unloaded and secured the weapon. beeker was charged for trying to bring a loaded weapon onto a plane. he has been released on bond. starting today is going to be a fast lane for people with certain reason. here's out all works.
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93 percent of the challenges are mistaken identity. >> at home they can just take care of their business online. they expect about 2000 drivers every month to use this new service. according to the tollway web site the customer service offices will be closed tomorrow for election day.
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>> he was taking part in a charity fundraiser where he has been receiving his treatment. it was his first public appearance since suffering a stroke in january. the senator climbed from the 54th floor to the 103rd floor. declined to comment on when he might return to washington. he was not the only participant that reached a personal goal. a 31 year-old used his buy on it like to make a full 1034 climb. he had his right leg amputated above the knee after a motorcycle accident. doctors repositioned the exposed and tariffs to a new area in his hamstring. his new leg is controlled by signals from his brain.
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the law of people watching the weather for election day. a lot of people watching the weather for election day. the second major storm in less than a week and a half its ready to move into that area. it will not be as strong as sandy. it is a formidable storm. lot of these
12:31 pm
clouds shrouded in various kindsarea skies. one could see a sprinkle of these clouds. it is not working out the same way. we're running 5.1 degrees below normal for the month of november. look at the high temperatures on friday. a cooler air is predominant in our area. it will break definitively for several days this weekend. a big draw fall in the west. all of the winds from ground level into the jet stream. a number of days
12:32 pm
before we get into the warm air. pretty chilly early november day. we have about 4% of the united states covered by snow. in canada the snowpack is more formidable. a reflective surface. temperatures are cold out there. 43 ensure growth. 44 in west chicago. a
12:33 pm
lot of clubs all the way to buffalo grove. factor in those light winds. we do get some wind chill reduction. dew point 34. it means these rain showers will fall into relatively dry air. that is the beginning of a mammoth nor'easter. the clouds may actually break today. the cold front approaches tomorrow. we will start the day with some clout makes.
12:34 pm
\ \ \ \ \ud mix. a little bit more on this weather system here. it looks a little now. watch what happens. they carved out one of these huge troughs again. perhaps the product of climate change. sitting up to the north. another one of these storms comes up and races up the east coast. there is an index use
12:35 pm
other than the hurricane index. it looks at the land. that compares to 14 ft tides that sent the water into the york city. watch as this bin is up.
12:36 pm
look at the web of pressure. that is a formidable storm. a major concern. the coastline that has been decimated. here in chicago there are some high level clouds over the solid overcast. have a high temperature going to 49 today. tonight some breaks in the club. ouds. let's go to tonight on the forecast. during the day tomorrow it looks like sprinkles. a couple of ice pellets could be mixed. it's a
12:37 pm
big warmup this weekend. this weekend is to be talking about 70. there is some good news in this forecast. time for today's trivia. which former president was elected to the house of representatives after serving his term? a. john quincy adams b. andrew johnson c. franklin pierce the answer still to come this midday! questions? anyone have occasional constipation diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. [ "the odd couple" theme playing ]
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hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet
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for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! follow jimmy on youtube. >>winning pick 3 9,2,3. winning pick 4
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22,4,4 mega millions 12 million dollars. have a great afternoon. time for sports. lovie smith demanded a fast start in tennessee, and the bears responded with the highest scoring first quarter in team history.
12:42 pm
charles tillman forced a career- high four fumbles in the game. no score in the first. sherrick mcmanis comes untouched to block the punt, and corey wootton recovers for the touchdown. it's 14-2 later in the quarter. brian urlacher intercepts matt hasselbeck and rumbles 46 yards for the touchdown. it's their league-best seventh pick-six of the year and urlacher's first in five seasons. the bears still scoring in the fourth. jay cutler airs it out 39 yards to brandon marshall. he had three touchdowns in his fourth, hundred- yard game of the season. bears win their sixth straight, 51-20. >>io do do not think it is difficult. i am very conscience of it. sometimes i miss. sometimes they do a good job of shielding it.
12:43 pm
the packers suffered several key injuries against the cardinals in green bay. it's tied at seven in the second quarter aaron rodgers finds randall cobb for a 21- yard touchdown his second of the day. still a one possession game in the third, when rodgers goes across the middle to tom crabtree, who takes it 72 yards for a score. packers win 31-17. they're in second place at six- and- three. the vikings trying to keep pace in seattle. they're up three just before halftime, but seattle on the eleven... a screen pass to golden tate, and he leaps into the endzone. the seahawks go on to win 30-20, and the vikings fall to third place. the last- place lions beat the jaguars 31-14. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lotteryú= i have
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to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. in medical watch. a new study finds that a "fringe" alternative treatment for heart disease could be very effective at preventing heart problems. patients who'd had heart attacks were assigned to receive either a placebo or a series of intravenous drug infusions called chelation therapy. an unorthodox treatment that's long been looked down upon by cardiologists. the therapy reduced the risk of heart attacks, deaths, strokes and other cardiovascular
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problems by 18 percent. cardiologists are stunned and even the lead author of the study is questioning the results. the american heart association says even healthy people should cut back on salt to avoid high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. in its latest advisory, the association takes issue with recent studies disproving a link between salt and heart-disease risk.. and says those studies have been 'widely misinterpreted.' it's also reaffirming its 2011 recommendation that all americans limit their sodium intake to just 15 -hundred milligrams per day less than the amount found in a single teaspoon of table salt. the typical american now eats more than twice that amount. in the scientists say they have created a new type of pacemaker powered by the party itself. here runs on the electrical charge generated for motion.
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>>lunchbreak is next. we're making baked cajun mac n cheese!
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97% as clean as a dental cleaning. crest. life opens up when you do. in today's lunchbreak. a cajun twist on macaroni and cheese. matt eversman is the owner and chef of "oon chicago" in the west loop. he's also a student mentor for
12:51 pm
the healthy schools campaign 'cooking up change' program. thanks for coming in. i want to talk about this program. even my children recognize that all the food is bad for them in school. >> we're working on the healthy food in schools campaign. it is a great program that have been involved in four years now. getting high school students involved and educated on the food that they're eating. >> this dish was created a couple of years ago. it is a
12:52 pm
career recipe we thought we would recresurrected for to thetoday >> a half to meet special health and dietary requirements. we're going to start off with a hot skillet over medium-high heat. the rear going to get that going and get that sizzling a little bit here. it is all good stuff for you. we want to cook is about halfway. if we collected all of the way now it is going to be overdone. the sauce is based off of a rue.
12:53 pm
we have our rue and add a little bit of milk. that is going to serve as the base of our sauce. we are going to add the cheese to this. a lot of people want to throw all of the cheese in. it looks so goodl. let it cool off a little bit. the proteins are going to squeeze up. you are going to have this grainy cheese sauce. i am going to have you do this right here. add one handful to this. stir it up. we have
12:54 pm
the cajun seasoning. that is wh at separates this. we are going to mix taht all up. incorporate the cheese until it is completely . >>add the chopped spinach. you can use the stuff from the freezer section if you would like. a little bit of jalapeno. >>i do not want to ryun out of time. > to run out of time. >>it has all the nooks and
12:55 pm
crannies. all the cheese gets stuck in there. add the pasta in. a lile bit ttle bit more cheese. his just a little bit. >>we are going to put that into our baking dish. >>cheese right over top. we hav e a cheese sauce over here. matt eversman, thanks so much for joining us. the healthy schools campaign 'cooking up change' event is this friday, november 9th at 6 at bridgeport art centers change dot org
12:56 pm
for today's recipe, or to watch tv dot com slash midday. histime now for the answer [ female announcer ] over every holiday season your mouth has been sipping, snacking, yellowing. nutcracking, gift stacking yellowing. mistletoe'ing, ho ho ho'ing yellowing. and every holiday season, your teeth have been yellowing. fact is if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over 10 years of stains, and whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. life opens up when you do. in a hurry? try 2 hour express whitestrips just in time for a white holiday.
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked which former president was elected to the house of representatives after serving his term? a. john quincy adams
12:59 pm
b. andrew johnson c. franklin pierce the answer: a. john quincy adams served as a representative from massachusetts from 1831 to 1848, when he collapsed on the house floor from a cerebral hemorrhage.

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